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Ally's Heroic Life

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Allison Noel Baier was born on June 28, 2004, to Rich and Crysta Baier. She was born at the Overland Park Regional hospital, a fact that she would note every time her family drove past. “Mom, Dad -- that’s where you got the gift of Ally Baier.” Ally is survived by her parents, her beloved older brother Joel Scott Baier, her grandparents Len and Sandy Hudson, Don and Ellen Nulton, and tons of aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who loved her.

From the time Ally was born, she couldn’t sit still. She was a mover and a shaker, as well as a one of a kind kid. She army crawled, then walked, THEN crawled. Ally always did things in her own time. She didn’t like to be held or cuddled too much as a kid. She’d rather be running or playing. She was tough as nails. Her first babysitter tells about her toughness and that when Ally would fall down, she’d get back up -- with no tears -- and resume playing. Ally had no patience for waiting. Her famous childhood quote was this: “Waiting is the worst.”



Ally was involved in many sports -- softball, soccer, cross country and track, bowling and Tae Kwon Do. She was very proud of the black belt she’d earned in Tae Kwon Do, a fact she mentioned often to her big brother. She was a member of Saint Andrew Christian Church, and she was active in her youth group as well as in Tall Oaks, a church camp. She loved going to Tall Oaks each year, one of her favorite summer traditions.

Ally was also very funny, in a quiet sort of way. She loved music, and she and her mom always loved to sing (and sometimes dance) on car rides. Ally would often have to remind her mom to “keep your hands on the wheel.” She liked to dance in the kitchen and help her dad cook. One Father’s Day, Ally even gifted her dad with “100 free grillings.” However, Ally’s “helping” usually lasted the first few minutes until she grew impatient. She always showed back up, though, when the food was ready.

In high school, Ally was in the Future Educators Academy as she aspired to be a teacher like her mom. She wanted to teach Spanish or maybe English or maybe PE. She wasn’t sure. Ally played flute and was in the Pep Band her freshman year. She was also on the bowling team her freshman year. She did these activities -- sports, academics, extracurriculars -- in spite of battling cancer.

Ally was extremely brave, as we all know from her three+ year cancer battle, but that is not how she would want to be remembered. She wouldn’t want to be defined by her battle with glioblastoma. Instead, she’d want us to remember her love for Harry Potter, her crazy socks, her love of family, her amazing friendships, her unwavering determination, her positivity, her constant cravings for Mi Ranchito. Ally would want us to remember that she loved the schools she’s attended -- Edgerton Elementary, Bentwood Elementary, California Trail Middle School, and Olathe East High School. She loved and admired all of her teachers. She’d want us to think about her in Quidditch Club in middle school, her game-winning shot in 7th grade basketball, hitting the ball hard in softball, and kicking butt in Tae Kwon Do. She’d want us to remember her love of bowling, especially if you bought her a pretzel with cheese at the alley. She’d want us to remember her amazing adventures with and love for Emma and Sophia. These three girls had a friendship that not everyone gets in an entire lifetime.

In lieu of flowers, you may make a donation in Ally’s name to one of the following organizations: Olathe East Future Educator’s Academy, Saint Andrew Christian Church of Olathe Youth Group, Head for the Cure (search for The Ally League) or Braden’s Hope, a local organization that raises money for children’s cancer research. We also encourage you to choose a day and wear an Ally League, Head for the Cure, Harry Potter or super hero t-shirt and crazy socks. That is the best way you can remember our sweet girl -- by loving the many unique things that she loved.

Allison "Ally" Noel Baier

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