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Welcome to Ally League!

Created to celebrate the heroic life of Ally Noel Baier

Ally League Sock Drive happening now through December 14, 2020!  Learn more on our News and Updates Page!


You have now entered the Ally League Headquarters - a place where we celebrate the heroic life of Allison "Ally" Noel Baier, a girl who packed more into her 15 years than most people do in 100.   While Ally is no longer with us, she is still very much changing the world and making a difference through many initiatives she began in her young life.  This website is not only to honor and celebrate her but to also offer a place for all things "Ally League" - events, information, articles and more.   

No, you can't save the world alone.  And this League of superhero friends and family was formed during Ally's battle against glioblastoma as a way to support Ally.  Now, we are still fighting against cancer together because of Ally - for Ally.  We also keep her memory and superhero spirit alive by sharing her love of all things Wonder Woman (and Harry Potter) and by celebrating her strength, grace and "girl power" determination throughout her life and especially during her last three years of life.

"Ally has been such a large part of our lives. Her directness and matter of fact style are the things I loved about her. She knew what she thought and that was that. We can all learn from her certainty. Knowing that being yourself is the most important thing in life!!"



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